Full Hygiene Services

Our hygienist team is specialized in one on one patient care to complement the dental exam. Their chairside manner and expertise are instrumental in ensuring a pleasant experience.

Hygienists perform periodontal, or deep cleaning services as complete procedures or in conjunction with a dental exam. While hygienists are not able to diagnose dental problems directly, they are able to recognize and provide informed recommendations for further treatment and work closely with the dentist to provide information about your dental health.

We have 3 registered dental hygienists on staff that are trained to perform a variety of procedures and services.

Scaling and Root-planing

  • These procedures remove the built-up deposits of plaque and calculus that accumulate on teeth, as well as smooth out tooth surfaces to reduce the ability of material to build up between checkups.

Tooth Polishing

  • Using a mild abrasive, tooth polishing reduces appearance of stains from food and drinks such as coffee, cola, and wines, and tobacco.

Fluoride and Desensitizing

  • Fluoride is used to harden the teeth enamel which reduces the wear of the teeth, but also reduces the sensitivity of the teeth. Desensitizing treatments include a tooth varnish that protects the teeth further.


  • Whitening or bleaching procedures are cosmetic enhancements to the brightness and color of teeth, and can remove tooth stains. Tooth whitening will not affect the color of existing crowns or bridgework.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

  • Hygienists are well versed in proper hygiene and can provide instruction and advice for proper tooth maintenance and oral hygiene.

X-ray Procedures

  • Dentists may need to look at the underlying condition of the jawbone or see areas of decay that are not visible with the naked eye.

Children’s Introduction

  • Children can be intimidated by the sights and sounds of the dental office at first. Our team will provide a very gentle and fun introduction to dental health with young children, and show them that the dentist office is not a scary place.

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